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The Beautiful Emerald Falls in National Park Erawan, Thailand

They are named after the three headed white elephant of Hindu mythology, which this waterfalls reportedly resemble.

The Erawan National Park is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. In there, besides the waterfalls, can also be seen spectacular caves and a variety of animals – from tigers, elephants, deer and flying squirrels to the King Cobra.

Erawan National Park

However, the most common view are the macaque monkeys. Often they come near waterfalls and stealing things while people are swimming.

Erawan Thailand

The visitors to Erawan have the possibility to rent a cottage, from 2 to 8 persons, but they are also allowed to bring their own tent and set up.

National Park Erawan Thailand

The waterfalls are busiest during the annual Songkran Festival (April 13 to 15) when around the waterfalls gather a large number of people.

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