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Take a Walk on The Bridge That Connects Two Alpine Peaks

In Switzerland, recently has been opened the first suspension bridge in the world, built between two mountain tops.

This 107 meters wide and 80 inches long bridge, connects the top of the Scex Rouge and the top of the glacier Diablerets in the western Alps.

“Our guests can enjoy the unique panoramic view that extends to the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, MENHO and Jungfrau,” was in company’s statement, “Glacier” 3000, which set the bridge.

The Bridge That Connects Two Alpine Peaks

This hanging bridge, which cost 1.5 million euros, can hold up to 300 people at once, but their number is limited to 150 for reasons of comfort.

But the Organization for the Protection of the natural beauty of the Alps criticized this project for placing it outside the construction zone, assessing the project as “alpine Disneyland.”

The Bridge

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