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Only For The Most Luxurious Travel – Trains That Will Leave You Breathless

Many years ago, there were destinations that can be passed only by train. They were truly adventurous routes. And many people prefer the look of the landscape that could be seen only by train.

After the World War II everything was changed. Trains and lengthy drives were replaced with cheap plane flights that are not only saving money, but also that the time has become more precious to the people. But when we reached the top, we started to get back to old habits that made as happy. So many railway stations are setting trains again, but now with a completely different purpose – luxury trips.

Venice Simplon – Orient Express

The train still passes through the some legendary cities – London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice, preserving the special Art Deco glamour that takes you back to some long lost times.



Golden Eagle

The train from Moscow to Vladivostok is another train that leaves you breathless. Those real travellers say you can not talk about the experience with trains until you drive the Trans – Siberian Express passing through eight time zones.

golden onboard our luxury trains

The train Golden Eagle is a luxury version of the Trans-Siberian route where each passenger has a separate toilet, despite the compartment. During the summer it has cool air conditioning, and during the winter in the train you cant walk with short sleeves shirt. It offers service of washing clothes, televisions, and every dinner, a pianist, turns it into a real romantic experience. There is also a doctor available at any time.


“The Ghan”

The road from Adelaide to Darwin in the largest national park in Australia – Kakadu, is reserved for a three-day journey by train “The Ghan” 2.979 kilometres long track that will let you see Australia in a very rare and unique way.


The richly equipped train will give you experience of five-star hotel, and during those three days you will experience Australia in a special way.


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