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The Land We Love, The Land of Love – Jamaica

Jamaica. Sounds romantic, wild, free…Land We Love.. If you decide that Jamaica is your destination, the best time to visit is November to April, but it can be very crowded then. The temperature is fairly stable year round, so other months can be good as well. The hottest time of year is July to October, then the humidity, heat and hurricane possibilities are highest. Most rain falls between May and October, but even then, it won’t rain enough to ruin your vacation. Be sure to see Kingston, the spirited capital of Jamaica and its centre cultural and commercial centre. Although there are places visitors should stay away from, it deserves a visit, especially during one of the annual festivals. The city’s most popular attraction is the Bob Marley Museum, at the reggae star’s former home in New Kingston. 

Bob Marley museum

At Jamaica’s northwestern node is the thriving port city of Montego Bay, also known as MoBay. This is Jamaica’s purest and most puerile tourist resort, one-way streets filled with honking cars and pedestrians that almost obscure the beaches, golf courses, and historic houses and the mountain-village life behind the narrow coastal strip.   

the caves-negril

Other tourist resorts include Negril, 52 miles (84 km) west of Montego Bay, the fastest growing resort in Jamaica and the centre of Jamaica’s beach life. Despite its growth in the last few years, Negril is still very laid back. Long Bay, in the northeast (there is another Long Bay in the southwest), possesses one of the most dramatic settings in Jamaica. As its name indicates, the bay is a one-mile crescent with rose-coloured sanddeep turquoise waters, and breezes that forcefully push the waves ashore. Treasure Beach, four coves that stretch for several miles south of Starve Gut Bay on Jamaica’s south coast, separate isolated coral-coloured sandy beaches. It has not yet been spoiled by tourism despite several rental villas and hotels. For those who prefer hiking to beaches, one could explore Jamaica’s trail system, mainly in the Blue Mountains, or the rough bridle tracks nationwide. Cockpit Country remains fairly unexplored, but is perfect for experienced hikers. 

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