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Here is The List of Asian Islands That Have to be on Every Dreamer and Adventurer Bucket List

For all those adrenaline seekers, the lovers of peace and exotic destinations, this is a list of Asian islands that are really worth visiting.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Here, in these islands you can’t find cars, so you are free to walk peacefully and relax in the many restaurants which you can find it for everyone’s taste and budget.

And also, if you want adventure, this is the right place – dive and explore, but keep in mind that this places are protected from the environmental damage that man can made.

Gili Islands Indonesia

Boracay Island, Philippines

This island has one of the best beaches in the world that can always take your breath away. One of them is the White Beach, whose sand will give you a feeling like you are walking on baby powder.

There is something for everyone, from relaxing to adventurous places and luxury hotels.

Boracay Island Philippines

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

It is a island group consists of two islands that actually would stay calm and undiscovered places if there wasn’t  filmed “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.  The inhabitants are friendly and gladly show you the large tropical sharks and some other species.

Phi Phi Island Thailand

Havelock Island,  India

This place is a haven for marine enthusiasts because here they can dive and explore. Havelock is one of the few places which supports eco-tourism.

Havelock Island India

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