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Annual Guide for When is the Best Time to Visit the Desired Destination

Visiting most of the tourist destination during the holiday season means too much crowd and overpriced hotels. That is why it is good to travel out of season.

Kayak and Business Insider, tried to make a list of visiting the best destinations around the world every month of the year. The list is made according to the average cost of transport and accommodation, as well as weather conditions at the time and entertainment activities.
So, here it is. Where is a best place to go in which month of the year.

January – Cancun, Mexico


February – Hong Kong

hong kong

March -Montreal, Canada


April – Fiji


May – Turks and Kajkos

Turks and Kajkos

June – St. Martin, Caribbean

St Maarten

July – St. Lucia, Caribbean

St Lucia Caribbean

August – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

brazil riodejaneiro

September – Toronto, Canada


October – Milan, Italy

Milan Italy

November – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

December – Vancouver, Canada

Vaknuver Canada


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