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A Turquoise Treasure Hidden in The Jungle

World travellers know that some of the most beautiful places in the world are difficult to get access to, but everybody agrees that every effort is worth for the view that leaves you breathless. This is the case with this less-known tourist attraction.

Semuc Champey Guatemala

Namely, hidden deep in the jungle of Guatemala, is the turquoise paradise filled with natural pools, caves and small waterfalls. This is “Semuc Champey”, a place which is not easily accessible, but the effort is worth it!

Semuc Champey

This monument of nature however, rewards the most determined to succeed to arrive to it, with enjoying the fantastic turquoise pools, a large network of caves and the numerous underground cascades.

Pozas de Semuc Champey

The visitors who will decide to hire a travel guide, which is recommended for all tourists, first heat up with jumping into the river with the help of a special rope, and then receive a candle and they can enjoy most of the day wandering through the caves.

Semuc Champey jungle

Once they finally come to the surface, visitors are faced with a long walk through the jungle trails and the beautiful forest, until they reach the final activity – the relaxed bathing in the natural turquoise pools.

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