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Only For the Bravest: 6 Underground Places Which Will Give You Chills

1. Catacombs in Paris, France

Paris Qtips Catacombs of Paris

The Paris Catacombs it is a 320 kilometers long network of tunnels and caves. There you can find the remains of six million people whose bones are transferred here in the period of 1785 to 1869 when the cemetery became overcrowded.  If the view of skeletons is not disturbed you, you should probably explore this place.

2. Llechwedd Slate Caverns, North Wales

State cave Leshved North Wales

People who are afraid of heights definitely should not enter this large cave that once was mine shale. This place now is transformed into the largest amusement park with trampoline underground, and each of the three trampolines comes with a protective fence high to 18 meters.

3. Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam

cu chi tunnels vietnam

These tunnels are located about 35 kilometers outside of Ho Chi Minh, and during the Vietnam War, there were hiding the members of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam. The network of tunnels stretches about 350 kilometers which were apartments, hospitals, food stores etc. In the tunnels people usually use a hole to get in, which was covered with palm leaves.

4. Kuber Pedy, Australia

Kuber Pedy Australia

If you want to experience life underground, visit Kuber Pedy in South Australia. It is a mining town that was built in the clay and it is below ground level. There live even 3,500 people, and under the earth, they have everything – from houses and churches to restaurants and art galleries. The main source of money is valuable opal material which is easy to find there.

5. Salt Cathedral, Colombia

Salt Cathedral Bogota

Salt Cathedral is a huge tourist attraction in Colombia. It is located near the salt mine in the town of Zipaquir√°, 180 meters underground, and every week attracts more than 3,000 worshippers. It is decorated with statues of salt, including salt cross large nearly five meters.

6. Salt Mine Wielicki, Poland

Wieliczka salt mine

If you have breathing problems, visit the largest Polish tourist attraction – the salt mine Wielicki. Besides the hospital, in this former salt mine is located a chapel, theater, shops and a restaurant. And you can enjoy seeing them all with the sounds of musical works by Chopin.

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