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5 Fascinating Submerged Cities

We’re always fascinated by the past, so that is why many people are trying to unravel its secrets. That’s why ancient civilizations are so interesting – they are discovering the past of mankind part by part to us. Well, the mysterious and well-known Atlantis has not been revealed, but there are many other cities that disappeared under the water and they are also amazing. See 5 of them …

1. Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal Jamaica

Grand Port Royal in the past was a major port that was worshipped by the pirates. It was once known as the most perverted and sinful city in the world. He disappeared underwater in 1692 when Jamaica was struck by earthquake of 7.5 degrees, and send this city to the ocean floor.

2. Pyramids of Yonaguni – Jima, Japan


At the bottom of the sea, near the Japanese coast, lie pyramids for which is still unknown if they were made by the nature or by humans. These huge pyramids, according to researchers, have been incurred naturally or by human hand during the last ice age, around 10 thousand years BC. They were discovered in 1996.

3. Dwarka, India

Dwarka India

The ancient city of Dwarka is located in the bay Kambej in India. This underwater city was discovered in 2000 and it is believed to be the old capital of King Krishna who disappeared 7,500 years BC. Using sonar technology, the researchers found something that look like stone pillars and knocked down the walls of at least two cities. Divers who explored this places found numerous artefacts at a depth of 36 meters.

4. The City of Lions, China

The City of Lions

53 years ago Chi Cheng, also known as the City of Lions, formerly a major political centre for the eastern province Dzhechang, was gradually submerged. He ended up under a large lake made for the needs of the nearby hydropower plant.

5. The palace of Cleopatra – Alexandria, Egypt

The palace of Cleopatra

Researchers believe that near the coast of Alexandria found the palace of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra and even they discovered the location of her grave. The researchers claim that the palace was submerged 1,500 years ago, under the influence of a devastating earthquake.

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